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Websites are hosted in an insulated or measureable or saleable environment with the needed and required resources by offering the customers or the clients a truly reliable and secure environment. You can create any hosting packages however you like to brand it as your own products. We can offer you different hosting packages with the use of latest server and data center technology to provide you the quality active or best no excusing websites. 

Domain Name System (DNS): DNS is a hierarchical distribution of names, services, resources connected to the internet or a private network. It is a worldwide, distributed key-word based redirected service. It serves as an phone-book for the internet by translating human friendly hostnames into IP(Internet Protocol) address. A domain name service worldwide. 

A domain name is meaningful and easy to remember to communicate with websites and other IP based communication services. One IP address also can be assigned to multiple domain names whereas multiple IP addresses are also be assigned to a single domain name. That means server may have multiple role or one role can be spread among many services.

Web Hosting: Web host are the companies that provide space on serving services to the clients for its use by providing internet connectivity. Web host also can provide data center space and connectivity to the internet for server they do not own to be located in their data center called collocation. A web hosting is internet hosting services where an individuals and organizations access their own website through the World Wide Web. is providing top level domain registration and different hosting packages. Hosting package upto 5MB-1GB with high bandwidth.


Domain & Hosting

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