Software Development

Software forms the heart of computer software is a type of computer program that perform different tasks on computer systems and a software development is the solution to operate or to overcome the problems to operate or to overcome the problems matter and the different tasks it is totally depends on the nature and types of the problem 

A software is developed or designed on focusing our client’s requirement in a planned way by going through different stages firstly we will know the exact problem of our client then we do deep research on it, collect the different information’s and come with certain solution, design software based plan for it. Then we do implementing (coding) of software, test the software, deployment it and finally we do maintenance and box-fixing. We often call these stages as software development lifecycle.

 According to the software to be developed or designed, these stages and order may change and it may be repeated and these  stages take more or less time to go through different stages. The detail documentation produced level may vary at each stages of software development more ”extreme”  approaches having a working product at all times, promotes continuous testing throughout the development lifecycle, takes less time on planning and documentation and more time on coding and development of automated tests, the majority of risk should be overcome by more structured or “waterfall” based approach and should design a software based plan before implementation begins, and should avoid the significant changes and recode it in later stages of the software development cycle.

A software development is the designed or developed form of software products. To create a software we should know the exact problem matter. So, it would be easy to solve it with the effective plan. For this, the more “waterfall” based approach may work the best. And, if the problem is unique (not understandable) the “extreme” incremental approach may work the best.

Research, new-development, modification, reuse, re-engineering, maintenance, are the software products for software development.

Currently, I am developing different approaches of software on reliable cost.

Software Development

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