Web Page Design

Web Page Design is the W3(World Wide Web), often hyper-linked to other documents and is consist of an HTML file or any related files for scripts and graphics.  

Web page design is the process of managing web documents by developing the attractive web pages with the knowledge of HTML and scripts.

The most commonly used web design tools are: Microsoft font page, Macro Media Dremwaver, adobe golive CS and Net object fashion from website position.

There are different area covering to create a web page design which includes: Web graphic design, interface design, standardizing type of design somewhere includes a team to different concerned aspect and somewhere a single will cover the whole process. There are two types of web design: 

1) Static Web Design: In static web page, there will be no effect on its content & layout and cannot be changed with the desired or any request by the client side unless the web master updates it.
2) Dynamic Web Page: In dynamic web page, the content can be changed by the client as per they  like to change.

Web Page Design

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