Design I can creates are : Graphic Design, Web Programming, Web Development, Web Promotion, Website Analytics etc.

Discipline, simplicity, patient,passion, research, etc are needed white working or creating an convincing design.I do believe in every works are equal (no small no big) where we are not understanding our client or the user. Every works should have their practical and obvious reason to be there.

From the 4yrs experience, research and work in the Best Nepal as a Web designer and CSS developer, I have collected lots of informations, views, ideas, techniques to create an elegant, simple, bold, attractive all kinds of works and became able to put my logic too in this field.  I have got with all the skills and techniques from which I would fulfill the expection of the client or the user.

I would not like to say more about my work. for which you can try me first and i'm sure you would not be unsatisfy or feel sad by my expection. A person's qualifiction can be proved after trying or trusting him once. 


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Kathmandu, Thamel, Nepal
Tel: +977 9851014791